1. What is a surveillance programme?
    In the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme, surveillance is a regular check-up of the large bowel using an instrument called an endoscope. The exam is called a colonoscopy and is the best way to diagnose and remove any growths in the wall of the large bowel (known as polyps).

  2. Am I in a surveillance programme?
    You are in a surveillance programme because you took part in the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme and had a colonoscopy at which a large polyp or a few smaller ones were detected. It has been recommended that you attend another colonoscopy in three years time so that your colon can be checked again and any new polyps removed (if present).

  3. How will my surveillance  programme be affected if I take part in the study?
    Taking part in our study will change the length of time to your next colonoscopy only if your FIT test finds traces of blood. You will have the same number of colonoscopies in the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme but the first one will be brought forward by your usual Screening Centre if traces of blood are found by your FIT test.

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