1. I don’t want to take part, how do I opt-out?
    Please ring our helpline number and let us know.

  2. If I choose not to take part will it affect my surveillance?
    If you decide not to take part in this study it will have no effect on any part of your medical care including your colonoscopy surveillance.

  3. If I don’t do the test this time, will I be called again?
    We are offering you an opportunity to take part in a research project. It is of limited time duration and this test is not available as a regular NHS service. As part of this research study you will be asked to complete a test once a year whilst waiting for your colonoscopy. If we don’t hear from you within 3 weeks you will be sent a reminder but if you do not respond then we will not write to you again.

  4. I don’t want to take part in this study, or any further bowel screening in the future, can you close all my records?
    Please, ring our helpline number and we will make sure not to contact you again regarding this study. However, if you do not want to be invited in the future for the NHS screening, you will have to contact your regional Bowel Cancer Screening Programme Hub and let them know that this is your wish.

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