1. I’ve lost my test kit, can I have another one?
    Yes, please ring our helpline to request another test kit.

  2. I have completed my test but I can't find my envelope to return the tube - can you send me another envelope?
    Yes, please ring our helpline to request another envelope. If you have already used the FIT kit we will need to send you a new one to collect your sample.

  3. I’ve lost the instructions/ zip-lock bag. Can I have another one?
    You can click here to print the instructions but if you need the zip-lock bag, please ring our helpline.

  4. I’ve lost the zip-lock bag. Can I post the sample tube without it?
    Please, ring our helpline and request a replacement zip-lock bag. If you have already collected your sample, discard it and request a replacement kit.

  5. My dog has managed to get hold of the FIT kit and has chewed the plastic tube - I noticed that there is liquid in the tube, is it harmful?
    The tube contains a solution which is not harmful to humans or animals if ingested. If, however the animal has swallowed the plastic tube, this may cause it problems. You should consult a vet as soon as possible. If you would like to take part in our study, please call the helpline and we can send you a replacement kit.

  6. The foil covering on the bottom of the plastic tube appears to be torn. Will I need another test kit?
    Yes, we can send you a replacement kit if you call our helpline number.

  7. I’ve been asked to complete a questionnaire, but there wasn’t one in the envelope.
    Please, call our helpline number and we can send you a replacement.