1. I’m going on holiday shortly, can I complete the test on my return?
    Yes, that would be fine but it is important to do this as soon as possible as the FIT kit has an expiry date.

  2. My friend/ neighbour has received the invitation. I’m over 60, why haven’t I received anything?
    We are not inviting everybody over the age of 60. Please, click on this link to find out who is eligible to be invited to take part in this study.

  3. I’ve been asked to complete a questionnaire, but I don’t want to.
    It would be a great help to us if you can find the time to complete the questionnaire. We are interested in your views about this test which we can only establish through the questionnaire.

  4. I have concerns about the study or want to make a complaint.
    Please accept our apologies if you have not been treated with respect and care in the course of our study.
    You can write to ‘FIT for Follow-Up Study’, c/o Professor Stephen Halloran, Bowel Cancer Screening Programme, PGMS, University of Surrey, Daphne Jackson Road, Guildford GU2 7WG.