1. Your letter advises me to have an early colonoscopy but I do not want that. Who should I speak to?
    The Specialist Screening Practitioner from your Screening Centre will be in touch and you can discuss any of your concerns with them. If you would prefer to get in touch with them, please ring our helpline number and we can provide you with a number to call.

  2. I've had three normal FIT tests, is there any point in having a colonoscopy?
    We strongly advise that you attend your scheduled colonoscopy; as the FIT test is in its trial stages, there is a possibility that it missed new polyps present in your bowel. The results of the FIT test are only validated by the results of your colonoscopy.

  3. My colonoscopy was normal, what now?
    That is good news. Hopefully you are reassured that your bowel is healthy. Your Screening Practitioner probably told you already that you will be invited for another colonoscopy in about three ¬†years time. In the meantime you should contact your GP if you develop any worrying bowel symptoms. We would like to thank you for taking part in our study. We are not going to send you any more FIT kits but would appreciate if you could complete the questionnaire we sent you recently. 

  4. Is it safe to have a colonoscopy so soon after my last one?
    There are lots of people who have serious bowel problems and who therefore have colonoscopies at very short intervals. The colonoscopy as a procedure has associated risks, however these risks are not associated with the time between two colonoscopies.