This is the full list of frequently asked questions.

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FIT for Follow-Up Study

  1. Why have you sent me the information about this study?
  2. Where did you get my details from?
  3. What is the purpose of the study?
  4. Do I have to take part?
  5. What will I be asked to do if I take part?
  6. Will my taking part in the study remain confidential?
  7. Will my GP be told I’m taking part in the study?
  8. I have received my invitation, what do I do now? 


  1. What is a surveillance programme?
  2. Am I in a surveillance programme?
  3. How will my surveillance  programme be affected if I take part in the study?


  1. I don’t want to take part, how do I opt-out?
  2. If I choose not to take part will it affect my surveillance?
  3. If I don’t do the test this time, will I be called again?
  4. I don’t want to take part in this study, or any further bowel screening in the future, can you close all my records?

The FIT Test

  1. What is a FIT test?
  2. Will I need to come into the hospital for the FIT test?
  3. How is this test different from the test I completed nearly a year ago?
  4. Will this test be any good if I only have to submit one sample of bowel motion instead of three like the last time?
  5. How do I use the kit?
  6. Is it safe to post this test back?
  7. How long have I got to complete the test?
  8. How long after completing this test do I have to return it?
  9. Should I stop taking my medication before doing the test?
  10. I have a restricted diet, should I do the test?
  11. I normally have very loose bowel motions, how can I collect the stool sample?
  12. I suffer from haemorrhoids/piles/ inflammatory bowel disease, should I take part in the study?
  13. My sample has touched the toilet water, does this matter?
  14. I have done the test but there doesn’t appear to be much sample on the stick, is this normal?
  15. I have taken the stick out of the solution to have a look at it. I have just read the instructions and noticed it advises not to re-open the tube. Does it mean I need to get another kit to complete?
  16. I have forgotten to date my sample, what should I do?

Mislaid/Damaged Items

  1. I’ve lost my test kit, can I have another one?
  2. I have completed my test but I can't find my envelope to return the tube - can you send me another envelope?
  3. I’ve lost the instructions/ zip-lock bag. Can I have another one?
  4. I’ve lost the zip-lock bag. Can I post the sample tube without it?
  5. My dog has managed to get hold of the FIT kit and has chewed the plastic tube - I noticed that there is liquid in the tube, is it harmful?
  6. The foil covering on the bottom of the plastic tube appears to be torn. Will I need another test kit?
  7. I’ve been asked to complete a questionnaire, but there wasn’t one in the envelope.


  1. Once I’ve posted my test, how long before I receive the results?
  2. I am worried because I have some of the symptoms you listed in the letter.


  1. Your letter advises me to have an early colonoscopy but I do not want that. Who should I speak to?
  2. I've had three normal FIT tests, is there any point in having a colonoscopy ?
  3. My colonoscopy was normal, what now?
  4. Is it safe to have a colonoscopy so soon after my last one?


  1. What are polyps?

Bowel Cancer

  1. What is bowel cancer?
  2. What causes bowel cancer?
  3. How common is bowel cancer?
  4. If I am diagnosed with bowel cancer what happens?


  1. I’m going on holiday shortly, can I complete the test on my return?
  2. My friend/ neighbour etc has received the invitation. I’m over 60, why haven’t I received anything?
  3. I’ve been asked to complete a questionnaire, but I don’t want to.
  4. I have concerns about the study or want to make a complaint.